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Mixed Bag

Eugh, I did like 3 or 4 icons from each photo, so this batch is really same-y. In my defence it gives more options, and I hate seeing other people's icons and thinking "Why is there no version without their un-funny caption?", so... yeah.

[1] All Time Low
[4] Emma Stone
[3] Falling Skies
[5] Ruta Gedmintas
[1] Ruta Gedmintas Friends Only  Banner

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71 Edward Norton Icons

[71] Edward Norton.
Some with Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Naomi Watts, or Evan Rachel Wood.
Credit please. No hotlinking. Thanks.
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I had to add the obligatory "boyfriend" icon. I made it because in that picture he looks exactly like my boyfriend, but you can now enjoy it too. ♥